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NGP-SC80 Reinforced Graphite Composite Cylinder Head Gasket Sheet
Manufactured from expanded graphite sheet with tanged (perforated) of 0.18mm ~ 0.25mm tinplate inserted reinforcement. It is best material for cylinder head gasket, exhaust gasket and other engine gasket seal.

Composite Type:
SC80-A Expanded Graphite + Steel + Expanded Graphite
SC80-B Expanded Graphite + Steel + Expanded Graphite + Steel + Expanded Graphite

Product Data Sheet:
Density: 1.30~1.45g/cm3
Carbon Content: 98% Min.
Compressibility: 15% Max.
Recovery: 55% Min

ASTM F146 3# OIL 150 C กม 5h
Thickness increase: 15% Max
Weight increase: 10% Max
ASTM F146 Fuel B R.T กม 5h
Thickness increase: 10% Max
Weight increase: 10% Max

Standard Sheet Size:
500mm x 1000mm
500mm x 1200mm
500mm x 1500mm
1000mm x 1000mm
1000mm x 1500mm
Thickness: 1.0mm ~ 2.5mm

The other size and thickness are optional or according to the requirements of customers.

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