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Spiral wound gasket
Ring Joint Gaskets
Non Metallic Gaskets
Gland Packing & Compression Packing
Graphite Sheet Gaskets
Non Asbestos Sheet,Compressed Jointing
Non Asbestos Sheet,Beater Jointing
Asbestos Sheet Compressed Jointing
PTFE & Expanded PTFE
Cylinder Head Gasket Sheet
Rubber Sheet & Roll
Ceramic Fiber and Fibergalss

Nordon Gasket & Packing Co.,LTD.
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The NGP specialize in manufacture and supplier of gasket materials, sealing gaskets, gland packing for fluid and automobile sealing applications.
NGP most advantage is to make high quality engine cylinder head gasket sheet materials, laminates graphite gasket sheet materials, non asbestos & asbestos free gasket sheet, sealing braided packing and more sealing, gaskets & packing at competitive prices for a wide range of industries. We have been selling our products for 10 years in global market.

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