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NGP-SG101 Flexible Graphite Sheet & Roll
Made from exfoliated graphite flake and is produced through an extensive calendaring process to give a thin flexible foil with no binder or resins. Expanding under high temperature and then rolling. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good elasticity. and is the basic material for making all kinds of reinforced graphite, graphite tapes, packings nd sealing gaskets. Working temperature-200~650oC(in air),-200~3000oC(in non-oxidizing media). Standard Purity 99% Carbon.
Main Properties
Temperature: -200~650oC (in air)
-200~3000oC (in non-oxidizing media)
Density: 1.0g/cm3 (in roll),
1.0~1.5g/cm3(in sheet)
Carbon content: >99%
Sulphur content: <800PPM
Chloride content: <40PPM
Tensile strength: 4.5MPa
Compressibility: >= 40%
Recovery: >= 10%

Standard Sheet:
1000mm กม 1000mm
1500mm กม 1500mm
Thickness : 0.5mm ~ 6.0mm

Standard Rolls:
1000mm กม 30M~300M
1500mm กม 30M~100M
Thickness 0.2mm ~ 1.2mm
Special specification can be production for require.

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